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Weight Filling Machines

These are simple, quality filling systems at competitive prices. Designed from the ground up to address the needs of small, medium sized, large, and owner operated businesses.

Save Time & Money!

Abrasives, Sand Blasting, Walnut Shells, Bath Salts, Beans, Capsules, Chemicals - Ag products, Coffee ground or whole bean, Crackers, Croutons, Dish Detergent, Dog food, Chips, Flours, Wheat, Seeds, Pet foods, Pesticides, Herbs, Plastic parts, Computer parts are are some of the products filled.

N4 Filling Machine

This dry filling machine will fill free flowing products, small bags and containers up to about 10 pounds with one fill. The product is loaded into the hopper on top of the machine, it is vibrated forward into a weigh hopper where the product is weighed,  press the foot switch and the product is dropped into your container. The process is repeated. Some companies will fill 10 pounds twice to fill 20 pounds of product or over 10 pounds.

Filling Machine Customized For Your Needs


  • Self-adjusting controller

  • Reads out to 1 gram or .001 lb

  • Controller range up to 10lbs.

  • Supply Hopper cup, 3.5 cu.ft.

  • Powder-coated chassis. Stainless steel optional

  • All product surfaces stainless steel

  • Footprint 4.6 sq.ft., 67" high

  • 120V 60Hz (wall outlet); 240V 50Hz option

  • Handles any dry bulk from powders to large parts

  • Used with any bag or rigid container

  • Automatic tare adjustment

  • Self-adjusting bulk & dribble speed control

  • 600-800 fills/hour


  • Overall height: 5'7" (67"), occupies 24" x 28" floor space

  • Hopper Size: 24"x 24" (3.5 cu. ft. product capacity)

  • Scale Total Weight: 125lbs.

  • Standard Funnel Size: 2 1/2 OD

  • Power Requirements: 2 amps, 110 volts 60Hz AC

  • Air Requirements: <0.25 cfm air supply at 30 psi


  • Fill Spouts

  • Dribble Feed Gate

  • 240V 50Hz AC

  • Stainless Steel Chassis

New Machinery

We offer a wide range of automatic liquid packaging lines and machinery. Call us today

Custom Designs

We customize machinery. And we can do it on a tight budget. This justifies the purchase of quality filling equipment for small jobs.

Used Equipment

We offer used and refurbished liquid filling lines and machines in good running conditions. We will test your samples to make sure your machinery functions properly.

You get quality service before, during and after the installation of your bottling machinery.