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Equipment for Liquid Filling

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Liquid Filling Machines for Wax and Molten

N4 Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Our new molten filling machine includes flat belt conveyor. This molten gravity filling machine is filling shoe polish into metal tins. Contact Neumann Packaging for pricing for your application.

Neumann Packaging provides systems for molten products like petroleum jelly, deodorants, lip balm, shoe polish, glycerin soap, candles, gel candles and other products.  From simple single head table top units to complete candle systems that operate automatically.  We make machines that feed containers, pre-heat containers, fill them with wax, cool them, top off candles with a second fill, and label them all in one process. We have years of experience in the industry and have worked with companies of all sizes.  The NPS molten filling systems will fill and handle votives to large pillar candles using the same equipment.  

Filling Machine Customized For Your Needs

New Machinery

We offer a wide range of automatic liquid packaging lines and machinery. Call us today

Custom Designs

We customize machinery. And we can do it on a tight budget. This justifies the purchase of quality filling equipment for small jobs.

Used Equipment

We offer used and refurbished liquid filling lines and machines in good running conditions. We will test your samples to make sure your machinery functions properly.

You get quality service before, during and after the installation of your bottling machinery.